ALDI Back to School

BMF approached Mighty Nice to continue AL and DI’s journey back to school this year – but in a very different way. This time they wanted to dial up the playful elements of these characters by focusing on their interaction with each other, as well as the narrator. The brief for each TVC was to focus on a crucial part of the school lunchbox that you can get from ALDI: snacks, sandwiches and no artificial colours, whilst still keeping the playful tone of these characters and the previous storyline.


The animation within these TVCs consists of a simple 2D background filled with ALDI blue and the interaction of the two hero ALDI characters. As they discover different products, the ALDI characters AL and DI communicate with the narrator through cute sounds – grunts, squeals and basic words. While they are the sweet part of the journey, the quirky narration and fun animation is a lighthearted way to reinforce the quality and value of the brand messages and it’s high quality products at affordable prices.


Using 2D animation and fun, stand out illustrations that Mighty Nice brought to life, the characters AL and DI offer an advisory,a helping hand for to parents while appealing to little kids too.