Ethical Nutrients : Orange Brick Road

“Their name says it all. I can see why they didn’t choose Mighty Good, but a Bastard to Deal With, Mighty Whatever You Want, Mighty Big Egos, Mighty Same-Same or even Mighty Un-pleasant Fiscal Surprises Along the Way.

Nope. Nice.

Personally, I think they have underplayed themselves. Mighty Wonderful, that’s more appropriate. Well done Mighties on a mighty wonderful experience, wonderfully interpreted and wonderfully executed.”


The city at the beginning is made of artificial materials. Metals, plastic and perspex. Man-made, cold, hard and impersonal. Our characters in contrast are much softer looking – made of wood and beautiful fabrics. Their colours are warmer and more appealing. They do not belong to and they do not like the hard world around them.

We resolve to our natural environment. Again made of woods, fabrics, and paper, our characters now look completely at home. They fit in, and have found their place and partner with Ethical Nutrients.

Visuals Support Story


The TVC begins with a middle-aged, healthy couple traversing a grim city. Luckily, they are not easily swayed by the dodgy deals and overbearing signage in these dire streets, and look further afield to find themselves on an orange brick road, but where does it lead?

From darkness, to light. They step out from the shadows and find a wonderfully vibrant, bustling world. A new promised land.

Viewers will feel like Dorothy when she steps into Oz. The Ethical Nutrient land – bright, lush, hopeful – is a breath of fresh air in this bustling, tech-heavy world.


We loved incorporating some practical miniature models into the pipeline to break up the perfection of CGI and add an extra level of warmth and stand-out.

Model Sets + CG Characters