King : Farm Heroes

“Mighty Nice’s fantastic design and animation skills are evident, but beyond this they never fail to engage with the story of the brand to make the most compelling films.”


The world of Farm Heroes is big, bright and beautiful. Within the game, a viually rich illustrated map describes all the game stages. From hicksville farmland to Egyptian pyramids and miniature horses to contented dinosaurs it changes quickly. On top of that the main characters are varied – and there are an awful lot of them.

The Farm Heroes Saga is all designed to feel epic, and wanted to capture this in our design for the TVC, making the game visuals feel real and cinematic. Here is some of the concept art we put together that helped define what we would end up modelling and animating.


Nexus and Mighty Nice were tasked to create distinct looks for each of King’s games, and Farm Heroes immediately called for something with a little grit to it.

While the sparkly eyed characters and clean look of the game led in one direction, we felt that we were almost needing to depict the ‘real’ world of Farm Heroes and make the environment feel as though it were made of actual soil and grass – and that the chook house actually had nails holding it together.

We pitched a test image using a photo of a model set for the backgrounds with CG characters rendered into the scene. This defined our distinct look for this one and set us down an exciting path for the production of all the environments.

Dirt under our nails