“Who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine…”


When developing the Kazoops! world and characters, we wanted it to ooze a genuine, sweet charm.

The home is like a sweet dollhouse, filled with mis-matching patterns and vintage furniture. The family live a simple, gentle life with music as their focus.

It starts with details…


One of the strengths of the Kazoops! is its bold style of animation, and the feeling of playfulness and fun that it creates.

The main characters are modelled as fully CG characters, but animated with a nod towards traditional stop-frame techniques with it’s use of oversized fabrics, wood panelling, and plasticine textures – see how Monty’s vest is a rough woollen knit and his face is made of plasticine.

The set and characters have a charm and appeal similar to that of carefully hand-made dolls and toys.

Just imagine…


We developed Kazoops! with the composer Scott Langley and sound producer Anthony Aston, and Cheeky Little co-founders David Webster and Patrick Egerton.

Into production, Mighty Nice handled the global design and art direction on the series, with partners Cheeky Little leading production,  our sister company Nexus (UK)  ran the 2D episodic design and Giggle Garage (Malaysia) and took on modelling, rigging, animation and rendering.

Teams across the globe…