Mr. Sketch : Hot Tub

From start to finish we were very impressed by their enthusiasm for our project. And as the old adage goes,

“It’s all in the details.” Mighty Nice applied their masterly animation skills to our idea elevating it to something truly amazing. Their meticulous nature and creatively driven process is what makes their work extraordinarily beautiful.  We’re looking forward to many more collaborations.



We were to tasked to design the Scented Crayon division of the fictional Mr Sketch factory. The fantastical Mr Sketch world had us designing a steamy hot tub “Smell Extraction Room”, mazes of pipes, and super-scaled product delivery halls. The art direction called for a balance between pristine pseudo-scientific contraptions, and wacky Wonka-esque factory design.

Hot Tub Fart Machine


Our story gives us a snapshot of the wacky Mr.Sketch world, and how we’d love to imagine these scented crayons are made. Everyone loves a good fart joke! We see Mr Banana lounging in a hot tub as he infuses a sample of crayon wax with his fine fruity scent. Mr Banana is an artist – his backside is his brush, the hot tub his canvas. A seasoned veteran on the job, infusing wax is a walk in the park. There is a fun cheekiness between the pristine glass-and-chrome-clad contraptions, and the innocuous whiff they ferry to the final crayon product.

Fresh Scents, Squeezed Daily


A key part of the production was to create a photorealistic set. For realism we 3D-scanned a banana to generate accurate textures. A big part of the challenge was to create a realistic looking banana character, which had the ability to perform in a humanoid way with “arm” movement and “body” articulation to help nail the subtle character performance in animation.

We focused heavily on laying in as much detail to the environment’s modelling, lighting and texturing to get all the factory pieces feeling as physically real as possible, despite their totally fantastical design.

Rub-a-dub-dub, Bananas in a Hot Tub