QBE : Home

We’ve grown quite close to our QBE family during the campaign so helping deliver them to their replacement home in their time of need was more than a little rewarding.


Alex likes to do a lot of his own designs, and with the help of Jason he brought a lot of charm and sweet detail to this stormy night.


The adventures in QBE’s animated world are continued in this latest piece. The script offered us a lot of great material from the get go, with plenty of action and warm character moments.


Despite being a shorter story this was perhaps the most technically demanding film in the campaign – we to crafted a storm, destroyed homes, simulated wind, water and electricity, not to mention needing to fly through multiple sets seamlessly.

In the end, we were careful to make sure that the technical elements were never overbearing so the character performances and the core of the story could stand centre stage. This piece was a great chance to continue to explore the quirky little world we’re building for QBE.