Telstra on Tap

Telstra on Tap

“Exploding taps, flows of colour and a cat playing footy… It was so much fun to jump back into the Telstra universe to create this latest spot with DDB Sydney.”





Bright colours, unending data.

For this little number we built upon our existing Telstra campaign’s carefully crafted frame by frame animation but took the opportunity to expand the language by using intricate particle flows and seamless camera transitions.



For this spot we really wanted to create a wild journey, starting at the Telstra tap and then following as it unleashes a stream of data that rapidly spins itself into a sea of internet goodness. One of the exciting things about planning this project was creating a visual rhythm with torrents of bright icons flowing through space and then punctuating them with slower more deliberate character moments so that the piece had time to breath. The Cat leaping out of the sea to catch the football was particularly fun to animate!

Ebbs and Flows and Rushing rivers of Internet.


Making fluid, expressive movements in 3D is always a challenge so for this project we left nothing to chance. Aaron took our storyboards and carefully planned the entire particle flow with hand drawn traditional animation before we even attempted to make the scene happen in 3D. This ended up being an invaluable guide for the 3D animators and technicians trying to achieve a dynamic but controlled particle effect. We’re super excited about using the technique for some of our upcoming projects.

Technical meets Traditional.