Telstra : Tornado

“We created an epic mashup of TV and film genres, which came alive in a high energy sequence which was a joy to animate.”


We were asked to conceive a sequence which showed a tonne of entertainment genres getting sucked into the Telstra TV product. Starting from 2D concept sketches, we mapped out the look and feel of the tornado, designing how a wind-based object might look in the trademark low-poly Telstra world. Characters and props were also designed to look the part, striking the balance between being stylised low-poly elements, but being recognisable as stereotypical movie genres. Naturally we had fun creating the low-poly look of the zombies and vikings. .


We wanted to build up suspense and anticipation within the piece before leading into the final reveal of the giant tornado. It made sense to start with a classic scene of zombie hands creeping through a door. It was a fun challenge trying to build up the momentum from that point, introducing the police chase, and then mixing the genres up even more as a viking longboat imposes itself onto the scene.

All of this action leads nicely into the reveal of the tornado, the instigator of all this chaos. All the fun little details, like the Viking trying to swim against the tornado, were added in to make the piece as enjoyable as possible. From that point it just became clear what this commercial was truly about – we’re just watching this crazy party full of vikings, police, teddy bears and zombies … and apparently everybody’s invited.


Moving into 3D, we further pushed the design development of the tornado, giving it a rich translucent feel which was able to transmit light and colour interestingly as it moved, and building in layers of structured debris to add complexity. The characters and props were brought to life in an entertaining mashup of rich movement and colour