Volkswagen Passat : Barbecued

“Animating ‘The Meat Sweats’ was a career first for all of us here at Mighty Nice. Luckily we have some great BBQ joints nearby so the R&D was no sweat.”


We wanted a New Mexico desert at dusk feel for this piece. We are stoked with the colour palettes Chris created – the isolation of the vast area of America has been captured beautifully.


After feasting at their favourite restaurant, our Barbecued family start the long drive home. Soon Dad is having The Meat Sweats and needs to pull over to rest, only after narrowly missing a passing car – saved by his Blind Spot Monitor.

Sleep ‘n’ The Meat Sweats


Headlights, street lights, dashboards, even a setting sun… this dusk into night spot presented some lighting challenges for Vincent and Nav, who both handled them with ease. The whole team came together to make sure our Barbecued family were safe for another night.

And now we rest.