Volkswagen Passat : Bobble

“It’s amazing how Mighty Nice was able to create 7 unique worlds for our 7 animated families, in such a short period of time… They have a lot of talented people over there.”


We set this spot in the Great Lakes area of North America – each spot had a different colour palette and setting. This one features beautiful vistas, trickling streams and an open highway. We also added the fun character of the dog, comically huge and hairy.

A driving beat…


A fun day out fishing for our Bobble family sees them bopping along in time with a bobble-head toy. A new VW Passat feature – Adaptive Cruise Control – saves the family from a car that quickly changes lane in front of them.

…gets the heads a bopping.


In these spots we wanted to achieve top-notch quality featuring traditional character animation, with rich, beautiful environments and amazing car shots. Creating this kind of imagery from 2D illustrations requires a stupendous amount of talent and called for a great team.

Groovers at heart, the team works the floor.