Volkswagen Passat : LOL

“Mighty Nice was a pleasure to work and collaborate with! They were incredibly accommodating and flexible when it came to our insanely tight budget and timeline.

When it came to the final animation, Mighty Nice’s team delivered more than we could have imagined.”


This fun spot challenged us with carwash rollers and (oh my!) bird poo! Texture, shape, movement… we went into deep thought about both. The fantastic seagull went through multiple design changes as we tried to pin down his modus operandi & character, finally settling on ‘good-hearted’.


That shiny, sparkley car feeling is dashed by a rogue bird, but oh no – look out! – there’s more trouble ahead. Our LOL family are saved by the VW Passat’s new Forward Collision Warning feature.

It was one of those days.


In these 7 spots we wanted to achieve maximum quality, traditional character animation, and also feature rich, beautiful environments with beautiful car shots. Creating this kind of imagery from illustrations requires a stupendous amount of talent and called for a great team.

Ben led a team of traditional animators drawing Shane’s beautiful characters. This carwash and industrial suburb environment was perfected by Jason then translated by Kelly, Lucas and Charles into 3D.

Pulling it all into a unified look was Vince’s crack crew of compositors.

Let me tell you it’s always cool…
…working at the car wash.