Volkswagen Passat : Pep Talk

“Mighty Nice was a pleasure to work and collaborate with! They were incredibly accommodating and flexible when it came to our insanely tight budget and timeline.

When it came to the final animation, Mighty Nice’s team delivered more than we could have imagined.”


Ben Ommundson led a team of cintiq wielding linesmen drawing our characters. Their attention to detail and flair for performance brought the charm.

The character designers however did give the animators a good start. Quickly designing seven different families for a commercial product that everyone is happy with was no easy task. Shane Devries and Peter Yong patiently adjusted and tweaked chins, noses, hair and clothing until we had our cast.

The environments are beautiful, and a character to themselves. Each spot had a different colour palette and setting. The art direction and design are superb from Softly, Chris, Kelly and Jason.


A crisp, fresh morning for a boy’s big game. But its not the result he was hoping for… Dad is trying to cheer him up, but its the sister who finally succeeds. Some quick flashbacks for the family motto sequence has them bonding…but a little distracted. Narrowly avoiding a collision with a speeding truck, the family are saved by a new VW Passat feature – Rear Traffic Alert. Sometimes look back!

“Never look back!”


From Chris’s great environment designs and Shane’s character work we were strong from the starting whistle. Add to the winning mix a crack 2D team under the leadership of Ben and the Comping Crew under Vincent, and we were well on the way to the championships.

There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM.