Volkswagen Passat : School Scramble

“We all know those crazy mornings – rushing to get out… but what happens when you have been parked in by the neighbours?”


We set this spot in Venice Beach, California. Glorious aqua and golden hues, a canal is nearby, palm trees & sunshine. Each spot had a different colour palette and setting. The art direction and design are superb from Softly, Chris, Kelly and Jason.

Quickly designing 7 different families for a commercial product that everyone is happy with was no easy task. Shane Devries and Peter Yong patiently adjusted and tweaked chins, noses, hair and clothing until we had our cast.

The bell is about to ring


The morning rush is hard at the best of times – but when you’ve been parked in too the VW Park assist will save the day. No problem too big for this super-mum!

No dilly-dallying!


Ben led a team of cintiq wielding linesmen drawing our characters. Their attention to detail and flair for performance brought the charm.

Vincent and the compositing team brought everything together as they massaged all these elements into a unified look.

The team behind the rush…