Volkswagen Passat : Ta Da!

“It’s amazing how Mighty Nice was able to create 7 unique worlds for our 7 animated families, in such a short period of time…They have a lot of talented people over there.”


Our wizards of art conjured some beautiful imagery for Ta-Da. Starting with an autumnal New York street, featuring rows of brownstones and some ornate ironwork. Casting a caring Dad and trickster kiddo, we were soon ready to show-off the magic that is Park Assist – one of the 7 new VW Passat features.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.


Dad’s new VW Passat has a very magnificent feature – Park Assist. Watch his kids’ amazement as at a touch of a button the car magically parks itself!

The Wonder Show of the Universe


Ben led a team of cintiq wielding wizards drawing our characters. Their attention to detail (moustache!) and flair for performance brought the charm to this spot.

Shane’s designs for Boy and Dad were lovely from the get-go – everyone loves a Ginger!

The art crew – Softly, Chris, Kelly and Jason – worked on the beautiful environments & settings. Each spot had a different colour palette and location.

Vince and the compositing team brought everything together as they massaged all these elements into a unified look. The Autmnal environmental light brought to this spots during compositing is a nice touch.

Behold the illusionists!