Our studio is based in Chippendale, Sydney Australia. We are fully-eqipped to offer a wide range of animated, creative solutions to various industries. Starting with beautiful art and design, through to story and animation we are supported by a crack production team.

Our past projects include an Oscar nominated short, a BAFTA winning short, two childrens’ TV series and many, many TVCs. We also work on spec projects for international companies.

Our Team

Darren Price
Executive Creative Director

After trying his hand at being a door to door salesman of kitchen knives (asking him to cut a penny into a spiral), a stable hand with excellent Barrel Racing skills and playing lots of computer games, Darren finally found comics and movies. Working at Phantom Zone as a 20yo, he was Clarence waiting for his Alabama, A True Romantic.

Eventually he ended up studying Graphic Design (narrowly dodging a degree in BioChemistry) while also self-publishing comics and putting on Very Excellent Dance Parties.

Launching straight into animation after university, Darren has never looked back. Establishing the CG studio for Nexus Productions with Rob Andrews & Reece Millidge, he played key roles in such greats as Honda Grrr, Coke’s The Heist and the opening titles for Lemony Snicket for Dreamworks with Smith & Foulkes. Darren went on to win a Bafta for his first short movie “Potapych – The Bear Who Loved Vodka”.

He loved the ‘Bottersnikes & Gumbles’ books as a child, and still cant quite believe he is now getting to bring these characters to life.

Darren was a Geek before it was cool.

Tina Brabham
Senior Producer

When Tina joined us she could barely fit through the door with all the Gold Promax statues she is hauling around.

We gladly found a spot for her, and the statues are in a safe place too. No stealing guys!

After 9 years at FSM, backed up with 4 years at The Lab plus another 13years as a Line Producer – Tina probably knows more about animation production than any of us.

She has worked on some schtonking accounts including; Kelloggs and Cricket Australia’s Big Bash 04 and 05, plus many broadcast clients for Lifestyle channel. Tina has also worked on feature films such as H’ppily N’ever After, Ali’s Wedding, Bright Star and Goddes, and setting up TV shows like Erky Perky.

She is know to take days off to watch her son play in the Balmain Development Squad. Her holidays at Easter with a group of families cruising the high seas or spending a trashy week at the theme parks on the Gold Coast are an annual institution.

Alex Grigg
Animation Director

We are SO glad Alex graduated from Big W checkout boy to award-winning Animation Director.

It was while watching Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry as a wee nipper that Alex first realised his love of story-telling. Being ‘pretty good’ at drawing helped too. And when someone told him he could do this kind of stuff as a job his mind was blown, much like the science experiments he so loved as a kid.

Jump forward and Alex has an impressive history in his short time in the industry. Having worked at such great studios as Passion Pictures, Studio AKA and Nexus Productions, on brands like Nike, Compare the Meerkat and even Arctic Monkeys video clips, Alex’s experience is extensive. He also regularly animates promos for Cartoon Network and moderates the widely respected website. Also filling in his spare hours are the Sydney branch of loopdeloop a bi-monthly animation challenge and the amazing Late Night Work Club.

Find more of what he loves at his tumblr.

Participation certificates in U6’s – U12’s soccer
Special Jury Prize, Hiroshima Animation Festival
Young Director Award, Cannes Lions
Sydney Film Festival, Dendy Award for best Animation
Art Director’s Club, Young Guns Award
Art Director’s Club, Bronze Cube
Promax, Silver award

Jeremy Howdin
Head of Studio

Jeremy is the only one of us who has been to the Emmys in LA, and our jealousy will never subside.

He is passionate for everything ‘Creative & Techy’ which makes him a perfect Head of Studio, where we are always throwing curveballs of creativity at him. His years of Lego play as a kid has given him such skills as Patience, Vision and Biting Off Hard Bits.

Jeremy’s movie experience is extensive:  I Frankenstein (Luma Pictures), Walking With Dinosaurs, Lego, Coke Polar Bears, Happy Feet 2, Legend of the Guardians, Knowing, Australia, Happy Feet, Aqua Marine, Croc Hunter, Moulin Rouge, In the Cut, Farscape 2 & 3, Peace Keeper Wars… but now he’s mad for everything Quadcoptor (if one appears in your pitch you can totally blame him).

He’s secretly training to walk 30metres on his hands, ask for a demo the next time you visit.

When not elbow deep in tech, Jeremy’s favourite place to be is with his family.

Knowing – 2009 VES Nomination Best Single Visual Effect of the Year
Farscape – 2005 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects for a Mini Series Movie or a Special
Farscape – 2004 Australian Effects and Animation Festival Award for TV Series
Martial Arts – 2003 Australian Effects and Animation Festival Award for TV Series
Ty Game Movie – 2002 Australian Effects and Animation Festival Award for TV Series
Elemental Advisory Board Member 2004

Duncan Maclaren
Animation Director – Bottersnikes & Gumbles

Hailing from Newmarket, UK, Duncan boasts over 20 years experience in film, TV and games, including traditional animation. Working for such amazing studios as Fin Design, Dr D. Studios, Blue Zoo, Collider, Passion Pictures and Nexus Productions, Duncan brings the best to everything he works on.

We all find it particularly easy to remember Duncan’s dad’s name: Duncan. He is in fact a SIXTH generation Duncan.

Out of all of the team, our Duncan is definitely the best pancake-maker but he hates washing up afterwards, but its win-win for all of us.


Softly Dunstan
Art Director

As a toddler, Softly drew print registration marks on all her drawings. Her parents didn’t know it at the time, but it was a sign.

She realised Graphic Design was her one and only true path after spending her high school years making Super-Awesome-Title-Pages-For-Quite-Short-Essays. Softly brings over 20 years Design and Art Direction experience, including magazines, print, advertising and packaging.

She boldly claims to be a Tetrachromatic Art Director, meaning either her ego or her genius needs to be checked. You will usually hear her using words such as ‘Fizzing’ and ‘Pinging’ to explain why It’s Just Not Working.

Her sense of direction is uncanny, unless she’s in London and then it gets just whacky. She loves a bitter cocktail on a hot day, her kids and her husband – all at the same time is even better.

Bonnie Taylor
Junior Designer

Bonnie never expected to be an animator. It’s hard to picture yourself as a professional paid artist when all you did as a kid was amble about on horses and chase after cows (there wasn’t much else to do deep in rural NSW.) So for a long time her sights were set on the Olympic Eventing team, or maybe even Paleontology. Just as long as she didn’t end up stuck in the country!

Jump forward a few years and Bonnie found herself living in Sydney’s inner West; one animation degree, a short film and an AACTA nomination under her belt.

After a short stint at the Museum of Contemporary Art and freelancing as an animator she was picked up by Mighty Nice as a Junior Designer. If you ask her Bonnie will probably tell you she’s the luckiest kid alive today.

Apart from a lot of drawing, Bonnie spends her time reading science fiction, working on her short films at Knock Studio, attending art exhibitions (mostly for the free wine), patting dogs that don’t belong to her, practicing archery, avoiding the gym, frequenting cinemas, thinking about horses and counting down till the next ski season. She’s also learning to skate on her longboard “Jelly”….. Which honestly isn’t going very well.

You can check out more of Bonnie’s work at her website HERE.

Diana Angelius
Production Assistant

As a kid, Diana showed promise as a fashion designer; wrapping herself in her mother’s fabrics and whipping out her Derwents, designing one fashion faux pas after another. However, over the years she started expressing herself more through her writing.

Upon the completion of her bachelor’s degree, Diana faced a dilemma most arts graduates know all too well – what now? So in a lightbulb moment, she decided to enrol in a master’s degree… in arts. A year and a half later, Diana got her first ‘real’ job as a tech journalist. Her first day was off to a good start – “What’s an OS?” – but sometime later she was up for an industry award, a finalist in the best new journalist category. Leaving on a high, Diana was ready for a new challenge and moved into internal comms. Her gamble and hard work paid off, winning the PRIA Internal/Change Management award in 2013. It was also while in this role that she got her first taste of production life – and loved it. Naturally, she jumped to broadcast TV which only cemented her decision to work in production. The opportunity to work at Mighty Nice has been the cherry on top of Diana’s scenic tour towards her true calling.

In her spare time, this crazy dog lady enjoys long walks on the beach with her two dachshunds and collecting dachshund bits and bobs (bookends, ring holders, salt and pepper shakers, you name it). She also likes reading, drawing, popping bubble-wrap, watching TV and movies, paddle-boarding, and listening to her favourite song on repeat.