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in Development

Preschool has never been so SUPER!


CO-Creator & Development

superheroes in
the making!

This 5 minute animated series is about a preschool for superheroes. It follows the lives of the five ALMOST superhero kids that attend. Watch them get to grips with preschool life, with the added excitement of being superheroes in the making!

‘The Heroes’ may have superpowers but it doesn’t mean they know how to share, use scissors or even stop a storm of spagetti splattering their school! That’s why even superheroes have to go to preschool. Our storylines are a combination of these characters trying to ‘save the day’ and the day-to-day preschool lives of our little gang.

52 x 5mins
Girls and Boys
Age: 2-5
Currently in early development.

and inviting

To reflect the gentle and friendly nature of the show, ‘The Heroes’ plays out in a 2D world that is purposefully uncluttered and warm. The simplicity of the show is perfectly matched by equally simple backgrounds and characters. A combination of cut out fabrics, wool and textures, combined with child-like illustrations, bring the characters and environments to life.

‘The Heroes’ look and feel stands out from other superhero shows, making it appropriate to the lower age bracket it’s targeting – innocent and inviting, with nothing dark or threatening. Their masks are even homemade and rough around the edges, but, like all preschoolers, the heroes think they’re awesome. The animation itself will be very expressive with beautiful motion.

Creating some of the characters elements from crafted materials and photographing them, we will develop a process that is almost a digital stop motion. It will have the charm of animating with real world objects and photogrpahy, but in a digital type line for efficiency and speed.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Darren Price


Philip Godsmark, Katrin Ticky


Howard Litton




Bonnie Forsyth, Softly Dunstan, Greg Sharp

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