AEC – Your vote will help shape Australia

 “Mighty Nice have been an absolute delight to work and collaborate with on this project. The work they delivered pretty much speaks for itself… Such a talented bunch. I look forward to working with them on any future projects.” 


For this campaign we delivered a modern, charming moldable clay effect created and animated in CGI. It molds itself into the shape of different things reflected in the voiceover, reflecting the overall brand message: Your Vote Can help Shape Australia

We needed to feature the brand purple and also avoid major political party’s palettes – by including the on-trend peach and teals we keep the campaign modern and sophisticated.

We also needed to show the beautiful diversity of the Australian population, and all their dreams for their futures.


This campaign is a national public information and advertising campaign to support people to enrol and vote this federal election. Mighty Nice were voted in to deliver a suite of creative for TVCs, socials and print.

Australia’s representative democracy is a core element to our nation’s continuing growth and evolution. Essential information on the national election process needs to be inclusive, clear and approachable. 

Bringing a sophisticated colour palette, more dynamic cameras and creative transitions our campaign has a standout look, grabbing the voters attention and explaining the voting process clearly.


In the early stages of the pitch and project this was a truly collaborative effort as we all researched modern, plasticine animation effects and colour palettes.

Bonnie Forsyth took the lead in the animation relying on a 2D drafting process to guide the 3D team, and Gary Fouchy refining the final grade and print deliverables.


  • Director
    Bonnie Forsyth, Gary Fouchy
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Diana Angelius
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • 3D Lead
    Ben Seager
  • Design
    Pete McDonald, Darcy Woodbridge, Bonnie Forsyth
  • Model/Surface
    Andrew Silke, Michael Mascarenas, Lina Ngo, Cosmo Park, Guy Robinson
  • Rig
    Miquel Campos
  • Layout
    Duncan MacLaren, Jins M Jose, David Smith
  • Animation
    Duncan MacLaren, David Smith, Cameron Tyler, Ben Hubbard, Helen Bucknall
  • 2D Animation
    Darcy Woodbridge, Kylie Sun
  • Light/Render
    Serge Kovalenko, Trent Rogan, Billy Harrison
  • Props
    Tessa Eden
  • Composite
    Gary Fouchy, Oliver Faldo, Fiona Lu, Chris Charlton
  • Print
    Alea Trinajstic