back to school

for ALDI

and BMF

Back to school

for ALDI
and BMF

ALDI is putting the fun into going back to school through a new campaign via BMF Sydney which features the adventures of AL & DI. 

greg sharp


back in time

ALDI knows back to school shopping can be a bit of a chore – with endless items and multiple stops – especially when you could still be enjoying summer holidays. This year sees AL & DI go back in time, escaping dinosaurs and mummies, as they collect all the goodies for the school year ahead.

The animated characters reveal an incredible Special Buys Back to School sale, with everything from notebooks and shoes to backpacks and for less than $20. Not forgetting a wide variety of tasty lunchbox favourites to keep the little ones active all day and with no artificial colours storewide there are even more reasons to stock up at ALDI.

Back-to-school shopping
appealing for all

Using 2D animation and fun illustrations Mighty Nice brought to life the characters AL and DI offering a helping hand to parents while appealing to little kids too.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Greg Sharp

Head of production

Tina Braham


Nina Knezevic

junior ProducER

Diana Angelius


Greg Sharp, Georgia Kriss, Tim Cannan


Greg Sharp, Tim Cannan, Levi George, Joel Williams


Claudio Berinato


Otis Studios



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