Sydney World Pride

for Apple

Sydney World Pride

for Apple

“Thank you so much for these! Everything is looking amazing. You guys have been so amazing and helpful.”

Brittany-Renée Quinn

Senior Creative Video Producer, Apple

Let your
pride flag fly..

To mark the very first Sydney WorldPride, an event that promotes LGBTQIA+ human rights, we partnered up with our good friends at Apple to craft an animated celebration of queer culture.

The organic design was inspired by growth, blooming, fluid sexuality and First Nations identity, with Dja Dja Wurrung and Yorta Yorta artist ENOKi masterfully weaving all of these ideas together.

This 2D animation tells the narrative of the transformation and re-birthed queer identity, instilled and nurtured by the local Australian landscape, flora and fauna.

Queer. Vibes. Only.

Our hero is a queer, non-binary First nations figure, influenced by Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.

They wear an outfit inspired by the sails of the Sydney Opera House, costume styled “sunnies” and a Bondi Beach Lifesaver cap. The concept of the character emerging from their shell connects with the campaign themes of ‘emerging identity’.

To convey this sense of growth and unveiling of our hero, we used traditional 2D, frame-by-frame cel animation to best capture the fluidity and organic movement.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Bonnie Taylor Forsyth

Executive Creative director

Darren Price

Executive Producer

Tina Braham


Diana Angelius

Production Assistant

Kirsten Bassil

Head of Studio

Ben Seager


Aaron McDonald, Jarrod Prince, Dominic Aldis, Peter Nizic, Gabriel Gareso, Mathijs Luijten, Milo Gluth


Peter Nizic, Gabriel Gareso

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