Big Bash League

for Apparent Communications

and Cricket Australia

Big Bash League | BBL

for Apparent Communications
and Cricket Australia

“Working with Mighty Nice was like spending time with magicians. They astounded us with what they can do, charmed us, and their craft is considered. A lovely group of people who can turn thoughts into beautiful action. They helped us create something we could have never imagined. Highly recommend MN!”


Creative Director at Apparent

to feel is
to be alive

High octane cricket. Whirling team colours. The buzzing crowds. The action-packed drama of the Big Bash makes you feel alive.

The aim of the piece was to assault the viewers with colour and energy, while reminding them of the thrill of live sport. Our mission was to find a creative balance in a multimedia design that didn’t overwhelm but still smashed it for six.

A narrative shown from the ball’s POV, we follow the ball from the bowler to the batsman, fly through the air, then into the crowd.

Go the tonk
on technique

The live action footage was shot using a motion-controlled rig to capture the dynamic dives of the players and filmed at super slo-mo rates to draw attention to the high-speed of the game.

We were going to do a simpler 2D animated treatment to create trails that come off the players. As the project evolved we took the data from the camera and then used Houdini to create the trails and graphics.

This was so we could make the most of the dynamic camera work. Our stylised speedlines amplified the intensity of the action.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…

executive creative DIRECTOR

Darren Price

animation director

Mike Lomas

executive producer

Tina Braham

Head of studio

Ben Seager

2d animators

Alea Trinajstic, Darcy Woodbridge, Wendy Lu

3d animators

Ben Seager, Trent Rogan


Jeremy Carlen, Mike Lomas

Photoplay Director

Melvin Montalban

Photoplay EP

Emma Thompson

Music & Sound

Rumble Studios

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