Billie Eilish –
Not My Responsibility

for Disney+

and Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish –
Not My Responsibility

for Disney+
and Billie Eilish

With its dramatic Bond-esque silhouettes, this animation features as a segment in the Grammy-nominated concert special ‘Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles’.

interrogating notions
of body image

Working closely with Billie Eilish and her team, Nexus director and KAPWA founder, Robertino Zambrano, created this video to accompany her spoken word piece. The animation features dramatic sinking silhouettes and interrogates notions of body image, gender representation and objectification.

‘Not My Responsibility’ appears as a segment in Billie Eilish’s Grammy-nominated concert special, Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, Directed by Patrick Osborne and Robert Rodriguez. Now streaming on Disney+, Happier Than Ever’ was produced by Nexus Studios with Interscope Films.

Under Nexus leadership, and under the direction of Zambrano, KAPWA led the design, concept development and previsualisation for the music video, working with the team at Mighty Nice in Sydney to execute the final film. Find out more here.

Dramatic silhouettes
displayed through animation

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Robertino Zambrano

executive producer

Tina Braham


Diana Angelius

Art director

Pete Yong

Nexus Executive Producer

Juliet Tierney

Nexus Producer

Fernanda Garcia Lopez


Jeremy Carlen

Head of Studio

Jeremy Howdin

3d motion design

Chris Angelius

houdini artist

Ferry Taswin

character animation

Helen Bucknall, Pete Goodwin


Cosmo Park, Chris Angelius, Ben Seager


Chris Angelius

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