Bottersnikes and Gumbles

“This is truly a childhood dream come true. For me, and also for so many of the talented people involved in bringing this series to life. We all loved the books as children and that love shines through as we develop these incredible characters for the screen.

It is one of the true original Australian bush fantasies. Taking it further with animation has been a hugely rewarding experience.”


Desmond Digby, the original illustrator of the books, set us up beautifully with his already full & lively drawings.

We love working with talented artists and designers. For development we sought the best around, and many many sketches were tossed around before our final designs were signed off.

Old meets new.


The squishy, squashy Gumbles and disgustingly lazy, scaley Bottersnikes have returned. The wonderful books by S.A. Wakefield and Desmond Digby have been an inspiration to artists and dreamers for a very long time. Now, these fantastic characters are coming to our screens as an animated television series.

WATCH NOW on Channel 7, Australia – coming to Netflix and BBC in June 2016.

Truly original ideas.


As with all amazing projects this has been a team effort from Day One. This project couldn’t have happened without our fantastic partnerships with Cheeky Little Media, CAKE Entertainment and Kickstart. Each company brought their own expertise to the table, and we have forged a strong international network which underpins our commitment to the highest quality output at every stage.


Partners in quality.