‘Bottersnikes & Gumbles’ – Opening Titles

“We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of producing the title sequence for Bottersnikes & Gumbles with the team at Mighty Nice.

The concept of a 2D animated sequence for a CGI show is not new but it took some effort to convince the broadcasters involved. It was the beautiful design and conceptual pitch from Mighty Nice that won them over.

The end result is a highly detailed and intricately constructed sequence that perfectly introduces the series concept of the two warring tribes.”


‘Bottersnikes and Gumbles’ features a rich, cinematic 3D world of odd characters and strange occurrences. We needed a title sequence that set the mood and tone for the show at large, but also brought something a little special to the beginning of the episodes.

Animating using a 2D approach allowed us to use a very stylised storytelling. This gave us space to explore lots of ideas in a short space of time. We couldn’t do the same if we were constrained to the more visually dense CG style of the actual show.

Another crucial goal was that the titles feel sophisticated and appeal to all ages.

Doing more with less!


We had the 2D style of animation for the titles in mind for a number of years (start with the important decisions right?), and had always hoped Alex Grigg could direct. Alex had worked on the teaser animation and helped develop the show at initial stages.

Darren also mentioned this 2D idea when he first met Desmond Digby, original illustrator of the books, he love this idea of course! During the development and pitching process Alex strove for a clean balance to the 3D-style of the episodes, while maintaining a unique style and tipping his hat to Desmond’s original designs.

It’s fantastic to have seen it through to final stages with an amazing crew onboard. It is a part of the show at large that we are incredibly proud of and turned out better than we could have hoped.

It really happened!


We had an incredible amount of  talented and driven people working on this titles sequence.

With Alex Grigg leading the charge in many areas of direction, design and boarding, the rest of the crew couldn’t help but be inspired. Extra backgrounds and designs by Jason Pamment kicked it off, then animation in TV Paint with a uber-crew of 2D animators, then finally composited by Josh Edwards in After FX.

  • Director
    Alex Grigg
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Producer
    Angaline Atkins
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Storyboard & Animatic
    Alex Grigg
  • Lead 2D Designer
    Jason Pamment
  • Concept Art
    Alexandre Diboine
  • 2D Animation
    Murray Debus
    Catriona Drummond
    Alex Grigg
    Mike Singca
  • Compositing
    Josh Edwards
    Vincent E Sousa
  • 2D Clean Up
    Joel Williams
    Mike Singca
    Catriona Drummond
  • 3D Animation
    Lawrence Jet Wong
  • 3D Lighting & Compositing
    Wayne Osborne
  • 3D Animation & Layout
    Mike SIngca
  • Graphic Design
    Eddy Herringson
  • Design Assistant
    Ling Siu
  • Composer
    Michael Szumowski

Mighty talent, Nice peeps