for Netflix, BBC

and Channel 7


for Netflix, BBC
and Channel 7

“As a baby animator, I met Samuel Wakefield at an art opening. Somehow I had the audacity to share my dream to animate his book. 15 years later, he didn’t get to see it, but I hope I did him proud… ”

Darren Price

Director, Bottersnikes & Gumbles

A DOSE oF 1960‘s

Dipping into the nostalgia of Darren’s childhood, we optioned then developed the illustrated Australian bush fantasy ‘Bottersnikes and Gumbles’. Bringing this 1967 story to life in a 52 episode series was a bold and ambitious undertaking by Mighty Nice.

Remember back in the day when we’d never developed a TV series before? And then we went into production on 2 the same week?!? Ah, ignorance. Bliss. Etc., etc. It was a bit of a ‘Careful what you wish for’ moment when we got the privilege of juggling 2 productions . Bottersnikes and Gumbles was developed alongside Kazoops in 2014.

Mighty Nice collaborated with Jump Start and Cheeky Little for Netflix, BBC and Channel 7 for this one. Voiced by an all-star cast, the series also aired on the ABC.


We pitched the production based on a stop-motion look, involving a detailed hand-built miniatures set.

When we did the maths on costing to create, we quickly pivoted to a full CGI approach that looked the same. Resourceful, hey.

Another day, another post-apocalyptic world designed by Mighty Nice. Are we getting pigeonholed here?

When farmer Sam Wakefield wrote Bottersnikes for his kids, he enlisted iconic set designer/ painter Desmond Digby to do the illustrations. A mate of Brett Whiteley, Digby wasn’t afraid to dig deep for his art.

And neither are we.

“Bottersnikes are superbly rendered lizardly creatures that are the bogeymen of the show, a bit like Momentum in the Labour Party; Gumbles are apparently normal, but hopelessly optimistic, like Brexiteers. The stories are short and sweet and the attention to detail is remarkable.”

Sean O’Grady, The Independent

As with all amazing projects this has been a team effort from Day One. This project couldn’t have happened without our fantastic partnerships with Cheeky Little Media, CAKE Entertainment and Kickstart.

Each company brought their own expertise to the table, and we have forged a strong international network which underpins our commitment to the highest quality output at every stage.

A Mighty Crew with Nice Talent

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Darren Price, Patrick Egerton, Tom van Waveren, David Webster, Edward Galton, Jason Netter

Seven Productions executive

Niki Hamilton

CBBC Executive

Lucy Pryke


Gabrielle Joosten

Series line producer

Michael Pattison

Production Managers

Veronica Alkon, Kara Egerton

Head of Story

Adam Rainford

Associate Editor

Mary Hutson

Storyboard Artist

Ivaylo Evans

Episodic Art Director

Softly Dunstan

Animation Director

Duncan MacLaren

Concept Artists

Chris Jones, Jason Pamment, Elijah Akouri

Character Designs

Pete Yong, Gillian Reid

Mighty Nice line producer

Angaline Atkins

Head of studio

Jeremy Howdin

lead 3d/lighting TD

Wayne Osborne


Lawrence Wong, Alex Jeremey

Episodic designer

Cecilia Jin

3D Modellers

Greg Petchkovsky, Sergei Astahov, Akhil Mittal, Joel Best, Nicole Padilha, Tristan Lock, Ben Shearman, Tim Krakowiak, Alejandro Gaiero, Alex Owen, Elijah Akouri

practical model makers

Claire Tennant, Scott Tansley

Titles Director

Alex Grigg

Kickstart head of production

Susan Corbin

animation consultant

Steve Gordon

Animation Producer

Josh Prikyl

Animation production manager

Shut Kai Kwong

Animation Production Coordinator

Lily Wong, Winnie Tang

Model/Rig Supervisor

Kevin Chan

Animation Supervisor

Mona Chow

Texture/lighting supervisor

Jimmy Chan

FX Supervisor

Choi Siu Yin

Additional Animation provided by

Hippo 3D Animation

Audio post production

Rumble Studios Sydney

Sound Effects & Mixing

Dave Perry, Nat Joyce


Michael Szumowski

Post Mastering

Nice Post

Development Producer

Grainne Rowe

Associate Producer

Simon Cox

Script Coordinator

Namfon Day

Produced by

Erewash Productions Limited

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