Private: Breaking News?

for The Media Majlis

Breaking News?

for The Media Majlis

Mighty Nice created two films for an exhibition at The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar called “Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism.

Michael Shiao Chen


How the smartphone
changed journalism

The first of the films is an introduction to the exhibition. Set on a huge vertical screen, the bold, fluid imagery directed by Michael Chen and designed by the incredible Haewon Shin.

She encourages the viewer to interrogate, engage and provide their thoughts on journalism and its role as an evolving expression of the human desire for knowledge and truth.

The second film is more of an experience set over twelve screens, mid way through the exhibition. Graphic, simple animation tells a complex story that unfolds

From script to screen

Mighty Nice guided the films from script through to screen. The short films highlight the transformative nature of the smartphone and its ongoing impact on journalism, taking the viewer on a visual and dynamic journey through the exhibition. The first film used strong evocative language to engage the viewer, whilst the second was non-verbal and relied entirely on visual storytelling.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Michael Shiao Chen


Tina Braham, Diana Angelius

Head of studio

Jeremy Howdin


Tim Rayner


Michael Shiao Chen


Haewon Shin, Michael Shiao Chen


“What is Journalism”
Phil Tibballs, Michael Shiao Chen

“Always Another Side”
Brian Neong San, Michael Shiao Chen


Electric Sheep Music

Nexus Production

Josephine Gallagher, Luke Youngman

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