HBO – Chinese New Year

We were thrilled to work with HBO Asia on their 2017 Chinese New Year Ident, airing in early 2017 throughout the Asia Pacific Region.
The brief was to create a piece that wasn’t too clichéd, not necessarily done before, whilst still giving a nod to Chinese tradition.
Bonnie Forsyth originally came up with the pitch concepts and storyline, creating a headdress with cockscomb, gladioli and rooster feathers (all CNY themes for 2017). Then Vincent E Sousa directed the execution through production.


We used the Chinese New Year thematic flowers to blossom open, signifying the beginning of a new year, as sunlight drifts open to reveal a new dawn. Tendrils of gold weave in and out, delicately touching, and the gold has a soft lustre only seen in ‘real’ gold. Feathers signifying The Rooster theme multiply too, until a final reveal and pullout to show the HBO logo sitting beautifully atop an extravagant, beautiful headdress.


The ident is a series of extreme close-ups; a sequence of tight depth of field close-ups which at first appear abstract, then resolve in a final pullout and reveal of the HBO logo. MN’s team painstakingly recreated the flowers as they blossom in photoreal 3D. Florists across Sydney were scoured to find original gladiola and cockscomb so our 3D team could replicate the unique details of the flowers.