“Music has always had a big influence on my work, and making a music video seemed like a natural progression of that. Getting the opportunity to work on this video with such great collaborators – Chvrches, Hayley Williams, and Mighty Nice – meant the reality turned out even better than I’d imagined.”


Jamie McKelvie, a highly regarded UK comic illustration artist, had created artwork for some of the band’s posters and albums in the past. Chvrches wanted to maintain this artistic theme by using his work as a catalyst for inspiration in the “Bury It” music video.

Mighty Nice were commissioned to create an animation that put McKelvie’s artwork into motion. Sometimes taking the high road can be a super hero strength in itself, so in this animation the band were blessed with super telekinetic powers – having the ability to move objects through mind power.

The animation was set amongst a New York city skyline, as the band members magically fly like angels through clouds and around city skyscrapers.

Super telekinetic powers


“Bury It and Rise Above” may be the new inspirational mantra for 2016. With an upbeat track and positive lyrics and tempo inspiring people to take the high road when things go awry.

Everyone loves music videos; they bring a visual heart to a song. When you add the art of animation, mix it with fantastic music artists and a brilliant song, you have the recipe for a music clip that is truly spectacular.

Inspiration for 2016…


Depicting a band in animation is a fairly daunting task. Translating illustration to animation is never easy. James McKelvie’s beautiful, detailed still images are great, but tough to bring to life in an animated world. The piece also needed to capture visually the mood of the song whilst being true to the identity of the band. A further challenge was the super tight time frame required to make this 3 minute video clip; it required quick decisions from a small, talented army working furiously day and night in order to make delivery.

The beauty of the final, completed work is the craft. The artists at Mighty Nice loved working with the freedom of colours used in the background and environment designs. The technical and artistic fusion of mixing 2D, matte paintings and 3D character renders, particles and animation, all brought together by some nice compositing and crafting, makes this a truly unique piece of artistry.

Darren Price, ECD says: “The team at Mighty Nice were amazing. I enjoyed watching everyone work together; bouncing ideas off each other, and helping out where needed. The commitment to the art of the piece was extraordinary. The studio was filled with energy and there was a fantastic creative vibe around the whole project.”

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Co Director
    Jamie McKelvie
  • Art Director
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Head of Production
    Gabrielle Joosten
  • Producer
    Jane Reynolds
  • Co-Producer
    Nexus: Isobel Conroy
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Storyboards
    Murray Debus
    Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
  • Edit
    Andrew Corsi
  • Edit Assist
    Oscar Torres Inchaustti
  • Environment Design
    Anthony Vivien
    Jamie McKelvie
    Joshua Moy
  • Character Design
    Jamie McKelvie
  • Modelling
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Charles Ewart
    Michael Tebble
    Trent Rogan
    Rey La Torre
    Caitlin-Rose Keegan
  • Particle Simulations
    Charles Ewart
  • 3D Lead
    Serge Astahov
  • Lighting & Rendering
    Trent Rogan
    Rey La Torre
    Caitlin-Rose Keegan
    Winnie Mach
    Pradeep Sundaram
  • Rigging
    Michael Tebble
  • 3D Animation Supervisor
    Duncan MacLaren
  • 3D Animation
    Lawrence Wong
    Mike Singca
    Michael Tebble
    Milly Mortensen
    Megan Brewty
    Elise Spalding
  • 2D Animation Lead
    Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
  • 2D Animation
    Catriona Drummond
  • 2D Clean Up & Colour
    Andrew White
    Joshua Moy
    Haien Kim
  • Hair Dynamics
    Jonathan Gibson
    Michael Tebble
  • Compositing Supervisor
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Compositing
    Kallie Ennever
    Jeremy Carlen
    Gerard Holmes
    Fiona Lu
    Nelson Restrepo Quintero
    Marcia Kelly

A super team…