Embarrassing Bodies Downunder – Launch

“Mighty Nice grabbed this brief with both hands and absolutely smashed it. Our cast of characters ‘The Unspeakables’ were the perfect blend of OMG WTF and cutesy comedy! The collaboration with Mighty Nice goes well beyond the creation of a suite of idents.

Right from the word go they were instrumental in the evolution and design of our characters across TV, Print and Digital. The overall result: a campaign we’re extremely proud of.”


It’s not often such a quirky job comes along, where the animators can really let go of any inhibitions… and phrases in client communications such as ‘sweaty patches’ & ‘discharge in genital area’ are commonplace.

The humour in this idea made this a really fun, challenging brief. We turned weird body stuff into soft-toy characters: hero character Toomah, and his friends Muffet, Randy, Bitza, Soozey & Flakes were rolled out in a series of TV promos, rich media and print campaign.


Our medical know-how was improved through the icky and yucky of this job. Halitosis, weird skin conditions, STDs, abnormal growths, Hirsutism, Hyperhidrosis… let’s just say we keep super-clean around here now.




  • Animation Director
    Darren Price
  • Producer
    Fi Patterson
  • Character Designer
    Pete McDonald
  • Modelling
    Tristan Lock
    Guy Robinson
  • Rigging
    Dan Lane
    Vincent E Sousa
  • 3D Animation
    Duncan MacLaren
    Ben Hubbard
    Mike Singca
    Scott Tansley
    Alexis Sugden
    Konstantin Kovalenko
  • Lighting/Rendering
    Serge Kovalenko
    Greg Petchkovsky
  • Compositing
    Matt Brunner
    Dean Richichi