Fandangles : Choc Shmallow

“Mighty Nice were instrumental in bringing our vision for Fandangles to life. They added not only to the idea by helping us push the humour and of course by making it look sensational, but to the process – they were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.”


The team at Leo Burnett brought with an existing pack and character designs that were already rocking. We added more ideas, design and expressions to fully round out the idea.


Sometimes the more simple staging setups end up being the hardest. Everything is exposed, meaning the animation needs to be spot-on. And when you have characters with no limbs? Oh boy!

We had fun with the build-up in the script, the eyes and mouths being our only form of expression. Plus a bit of flaming marshmallow hair…


Our master-3D-crafter Greg worked pretty damn hard on the starchy, sugary, cornfloury substance that is unique to marshmallows. He battled with it looking like Camembert cheese in the early stages… add more sugar Greg! It absorbs light, is crunchy but also appears soft.

The animation too had to capture their lightness, do they bounce? Does it flex a bit on landing? Working with food is So Much Fun.

  • Director
    Alex Grigg
  • Producer
    Fi Patterson
  • Storyboards
    Alex Grigg
  • Modelling
    Wayne Osborne
    Greg Petchkovsky
  • Rigging
    Alex Toufaili
  • Animation
    Duncan MacLaren
    Mike Singca
  • Lighting Rendering
    Wayne Osborne
  • Compositing
    Vincent E Sousa