Fandangles : Bubblegum

“Singing bubblegum balls balloon racing towards almost certain death? It’s briefs like this that get us out of bed in the morning.”


We might have had a bit of winter blues when we designed this little number. We were set on capturing the summer beach feel that we had been craving for months. After a bit of experimenting with look a feel we settled on a beach side fish and chip shop as the setting and then spent time developing the sun drenched summer light, first with carefully painted styleframes then with extensive 3D look development.

Beach balls


In our fourth instalment of the Fandangles saga we’re introduced to a couple of reckless Bubblegum Balls about to embark on a daring beachside balloon race. Things come a little unstuck as our heroes meet a couple of unexpected beach side calamities.

Bubblegum Balloon Race


Building on a technique we’ve been honing in-house over the last few years, we took hundreds of photos of real world things to construct incredibly detailed 3D models. This is the secret sauce when trying to achieve richly textured characters and environments. But its not all about raw data – once we have all of the pixels just right we remix it and sculpt it into carefully designed elements based on our hand-drawn designs. This is the the part of the process where we get to marry technology and art in new ways. We think you’ll agree, the results are something really special.

  • Director
    Alex Grigg
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Creative Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Executive Producer
    James Hudson
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Storyboards
    Pete Yong
  • Design
    Jason Pamment
  • 3D Modelling
    Greg Petchkovsky
  • Rigging
    Ludovic Habas
  • 3D Layout & Animation
    Ben Hubbard
  • Lighting, Rendering & VFX
    Greg Petchkovsky
  • Compositing
    Vincent E Sousa
    Romain Haddad

Remixing reality