Fandangles : Toffee Whoopee Cookie

“Mighty Nice were instrumental in bringing our vision for Fandangles to life. They added not only to the idea by helping us push the humour and of course by making it look sensational, but to the process – they were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. They really listen and know their stuff when it comes to animation.

We’re looking forward to the next kooky thing we can concoct, so we can work together again.”


One of the really interesting challenges we had when creating the spots was developing a really rich 3D style that combined hyper real objects and brought them into the totally surreal world of Fandangles.


When the scripts for Fandangles came through from Leo Burnett we were instantly smitten. There were so many fun characters living in this world and they were absolutely perfect to explore with animation.

We always find the best way to attack the early stages of story is with a pencil and paper (or at least their digital equivalents). So after catching up with the team at Leo Burnett we sat down and drew lots and lots of storyboards. We were determined capture the fun of the scripts while pushing our experience with visual comedy and story telling.


To achieve the hyper-real feeling of the Fandangles world we carefully modelled the cows as tiny plastic toys and the cookies were intricate 3D scans of home cooked cookies, and the team developed all new methods of creating 3D fairy floss that could float and fly elegantly, not to mention burning marshmallow, elastic caramel and flying chocolate.

Getting all of the details just right was crucial to achieving an immersive little universe while not letting the comedy down.

  • Director
    Alex Grigg
  • Producer
    Fi Patterson
  • Storyboards
    Alex Grigg
  • Technical Direction
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Design
    Jason Pamment
  • 3D Modelling
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Akhil Mittal
  • Rigging
    Alex Toufaili
    Vincent E Sousa
    Ludovic Habas
  • Animation
    Duncan MacLaren
    Michael Singca
  • Lighting & Rendering
    Greg Petchkovsky
  • Compositing
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Matte Painting
    Chris Jones