HBF – Don’t Settle For A Quokka

“As a creative agency this project was an incredibly challenging task. We entered a pitch. We were successful and we delivered a fully integrated campaign within 12 weeks. I say ‘we’ as Mighty Nice were our solid partners on that journey. From supporting us at pitch stage and reassuring everyone ‘it can be done’, to then crafting new characters from scratch and delivering a campaign that challenged the industry with attitude and profanities! It’s was an outstanding response from the entire team at Mighty Nice and a pleasure to collaborate again.”


These spots put performance and all that is great about the Quokka front and centre.

They’re cute but savvy, and they’re quick to call out anything they think is “a quokka sh*#” – like for-profit health funds run to benefit shareholders rather than members.

Furry, photo-real


A quintessential WA icon is spreading the word about HBF nationwide. A family of quokkas stars in a new campaign to introduce HBF to those on the east coast and call out anything they think is a ‘quokka ….’ – like for-profit funds run to benefit shareholders rather than members.

These ads are cheeky and straight-talking, and highlight HBF’s track record as a truly member-focused health fund.

Charm & Character


We created the fur using hair creation software Ornatrix. Recently there have been huge advances in the way the hair and fur can be rendered and lit. This is the last piece in the puzzle to creating excellent hair in CG.

Up until recently there have been great tools for styling, curling, cutting, clumping, swishing and swashing hair. ie. getting it into the right shape and having it move correctly has worked well. However, often at the last stage the lighting and rendering has let it down. Now, the lighting we can do on fur is perfect. We can mimic any real world setting and create perfectly solid, photo-real representation of millions of strands of fur.

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Diana Angelius
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Design
    Peter Yong, Arthur Chaumay, Maxine Curva
  • Storyboards
    Peter Yong
  • Model/Surface
    Akhil Mittal, Andrew Kimberley
  • Groom
    Billy Harrison
  • Rig
    Tessa Eden, Jason Dobra
  • Animation Lead
    Duncan MacLaren
  • Animation
    Benjamin Wright
  • Technical Director
    Dylan Neill
  • Light & Render
    Trent Rogan
  • Composite
    Fiona Lu
  • Stills
    Michael Shiao Chen, Bonnie Forsyth, Karen Etherington