HBF – Not for Profit

“Mighty Nice is such an apt name for this team of very talented people because every dealing with them is so enjoyable, collaborative and well… mighty nice. They’re passionate about bringing our scripts to life and go above and beyond to make them better than we ever thought they could be. Their level of craft is exceptional and we consider them to be true creative partners.”


In the early stages of brainstorming ideas, Darren cut a mood-reel to show Leo Burnett his vision – imagine a montage of classic Roxette, Eurythmics and Richard Marx. This really helped the crew get on board with the overall vision too, and we felt ahead of the game from day one.

“Designing Buddy’s leather jacket and being out-punned by my designer who came up with the ‘Quok n’ quoll’ and ‘Rottnest Crew’ badges was great. Seeing Buddy’s floppy hair style come together was brilliant. Oh and actually just paying homage to Def Leppard with the window projection shapes on the wall brought me great joy,” says Simon Robson, Director.

Soft rock


“I remember sitting in my bedroom, sometime in the mid 80s when i was in my early teens. My sister walked past my door with a friend and jibed, ‘Oh, my brother is into soft rock ballads’. I was incensed, then i looked over at my stack of LPs; Foreigner, Van Halen, Poison, Chicago, Mr, Mister…and i realised she was right. So what could have been more perfect for a hair-rock child of the 80s turned animation director, than to be bring Buddy the quokka to life in his soft rock ballad incarnation?

The fact that the agency and client managed to get the rights to Foreigner’s seminal ‘I wanna know what love is’, was mind-blowing. And the wonderful thing is, a large part of the agency’s brief was, ‘Do your thing, we trust you’. Mighty Nice have such a strong history with the HBF quokkas. They have consistently brought them to life in such endearing and memorable way. As director of the spot, my sails really were filled with so much good-will wind created by the long and healthy agency relationship Mighty Nice had cultivated.” – Simon Robson, Director

love is…


“Working the the Mighty Nice crew is always a total pleasure for me. Might Nice is a place where craftsmanship and professionalism meets fun and off-kilter animation ideas. They also never want to settle for anything less than the best they can achieve. I, as a director, always end up being pushed forward by the team and that is a great experience.” – Simon Robson, Director

  • Director
    Simon Robson
  • Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Head of Studio
    Ben Seager
  • Storyboards
    Darcy Woodbridge
  • Design
    Maxime Dupuy, Sasha Bryning
  • Model & Surface
    Tessa Eden, Billy Harrison, Lina Ngo
  • Rigging
    Tessa Eden
  • Lead Animator
    Duncan MacLaren
  • Animation
    Rhys Davey
  • Fur
    Billy Harrison
  • Light & Render
    Billy Harrison, Michael Mascarenas, Trent Rogan
  • Composite
    Fiona Lu, Jeremy Carlen, Chris Angelius
  • Lyric Video Design
    Softly Dunstan
  • Lyric Video Motion Design
    Peter Nizic, Supriya Bhonsle
  • Print
    Alea Trinajstic