Heinz – Mashups

for  Heinz

and Wieden + Kennedy

Heinz – Mashups

for  Heinz
and  Wieden + Kennedy

Greg wowed the W+K creatives with a bespoke test animation of the zorb ball and they were onboard for all his high-energy craziness.


Creative Director

Wow factor!

Greg Sharp took this fun job and ran with it in is own, unique way. Greg was especially excited when asked to create “Monty Python” style stop-motion animation with the vibrant scripts.

We created a very tight, fast paced world to reveal how Heinz saucologists use far-fetched techniques to mix the sauces you use in your kitchen.


Any chance to make stop-motion is great! Greg and his team used cut-out stop-motion animation – digital, of course, but strictly old-school execution with no short-cuts – just frame by frame moving digitally painted body parts. And then AfterEffects compositing to add the extra production value that Heinz would expect such as motion blurs and depth of field.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Greg Sharp

nexus ep

Juliet Tierney


Tina Braham, Nina Knežević

mighty nice CD

Darren Price

2d animators

Paul Cabon, Christian Villacañas, Nikhil Markale, Alex Dray, Greg Sharp

3d generalist

Tessa Eden, Trent Rogan

3d animator

Oliver Abbott


James Brown

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