Insuranceline – Gary

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Mighty Nice.  The team were great at explaining the process and were always quick with solutions to any feedback. Both Agency and Client are very happy with the final result.”


We knew we wanted this campaign to have a charming, handcrafted look. While our pipeline is mainly digital, we used the versatility of CGI to replicate materials to their finest details. Everything feels instantly familiar, tactile and playful.

The cast of turtle characters needed to read easily, convey strong emotions and have tons of appeal. With that in mind, we explored clear lines, expressive features and engaging shapes.

Engaging shapes


You can’t hide from the hard conversations. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and for those times, you need insurance. It can be a hard subject to discuss, but Insuranceline is here to help.

With expressive characters, a charming handcrafted look, and a familiar setting, Mighty Nice gave this campaign all the ingredients it needs to engage the viewer and offer them a solution, while putting a smile on their faces.

You can’t hide from the hard conversations.


Plasticine appeals to everyone’s inner child. The versatility of it is pretty unmatched, and it allows for very expressive characters. For this project, we used different materials for some of the character’s wardrobes, shells, props and background elements in order to achieve a classic crafty look overall.

With a hero protagonist called Gary, and our uber-talented director Gary in the lead, we did have more than a few comedy mixups. Gary (Director) worked incredibly hard to drive our crew to deliver an outstanding spot about Gary (Turtle) and his insurance worries.

  • Director
    Gary Fouchy
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Chloe Marshall
  • Head of Studio
    Ben Seager
  • Storyboard/Animatic
    Max Clifford
  • Designs
    Georgia Kriss, Anthony Vivien
  • 3D Lead
    Mike Lomas
  • Layout/Animation
    Max Clifford
  • Animation
    Ben Hubbard
  • Model/Surface
    Lina Ngo, Tessa Eden, Trent Rogan, Ben Girdwood
  • Rig
    Tessa Eden
  • Light/Render
    Trent Rogan
  • Composite
    Jeremy Carlen, Fiona Lu, Gary Fouchy