Kmart – February Living

“It was a pleasure working with the team at Mighty Nice. Throughout the entire project their passion and love for their craft really shone through. Mighty Nice turned what could have been a complex process for a client, into an incredibly simple one. At every stage, they proved to be exceptional and patient problem solvers who fought for the integrity of the idea. And we think it shows.”


Kmart’s February Living products are stylish, modern and luxurious in feel – but accessible. We open in a converted warehouse home with white wooden floorboards and natural lighting. Blue accents on the wall tie in with the print campaign, lifting the whole mood of the piece as modern and affluent – but still very relatable. In this spot, hero Kmart products flip and fly about to create an entire room transformation.


With this campaign, the brief was to have these modern products beautifully and effortlessly flipping and floating through the space. By using a flipping device, the idea was to viewers to watch as cushions, mirrors and plates continually flip over, until they’ve turned over or revealed an entire bedroom, living and dining room scene. The metaphor being that one item can inspire a whole room makeover!


Kmart’s February Living products are chic and modern, and a pretty hard feat to rebuild in 3D. The challenge was to recreate these products in CG so that they seamlessly marry with the same products shot in live action. The products included reflective surfaces (mirror, glass table top with gold edging and legs, gold cutlery and sequin cushions), and a doona and blanket which flipped to reveal talent underneath!

Mighty Nice produced and shot the live action shoot in Melbourne (alongside with director Simon Robson who collaborated on the live action component), and then created all the CG elements in our Studio in Chippendale.

  • Directors
    Simon Robson, Sixty40 (Live Action)
    Darren Price (CG Director)
  • Executive Producer
    Jackie Archer
  • Senior Producer
    Tina Braham
  • Production Co-ordinator
    Diana Angelius
  • Head of Studio/VFX Supervisor
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Lead CG Artist
    Fiona Lu
  • Directors Assistant
    Oscar Torres