Kmart – Price Drops

Kallie worked tirelessly to finesse the Kmart ‘Price Drops’ storyboards even before we went to shoot the footage. This is a stage in projects that many people don’t get to see or maybe even don’t know happens. Mighty Nice believe top-quality, honed storyboards can make or break a project.

storyboards are key


With Kmart’s prices dropping, despite many others rising, we show only Kmart catalogue items in a slow, beautiful freefall.

everything falling


The beauty is in the simplicity, but this was actually quite complicated to achieve. Live footage of objects was treated as sprites in a 3D particle system, plus we added a few fully modelled 3D objects, all allowing us to have maximum control over composition, speed and light.

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Director of Photography
    Simon Higgins
  • Storyboard
    Kallie Ennever
  • Model/Light:
    Charles Ewart
    Trent Rogan
  • Animation
    Cosmo Park
  • Edit
    Joe Morris
  • Grade
    Marcus Timpson
  • Keying
    Vincent E Sousa
    Tessa Eden
  • Compositing
    Gareth Chang
  • Flame
    Stu Cadzow
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Senior Producer
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Matt Reeder
  • Production Coordinator
    Diana Angelius