K.O. for your Boiler

for Jung von Matt Donau
and Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Oil and Gas
VS Austria

In one corner there is the spitting and spurting, the huffing and puffing O.D.B (Old Dirty Boiler). And in the other, representing the good will of the Austrian people, the middle aged and mild mannered Hilde.

Both characters were created using CGI to replicate a claymation style. This style allows for a bit of fun, taking the edge off the boxing violence. It’s warm and recognisable, bringing humanity and comedy to the fight of the decade.

We see the fight going poorly for Hilde at the beginning. She is blasted by the boiler's furnace. It doesn’t take much to turn her into a fighting machine though and she lets Oil and Gas know just what the Austrian people think with a fierce uppercut and German Suplex. Boom! Take that fossil fuels.

Plasticine violence is
a victimless crime

This style of animation is really fun to watch with exaggerated expressions and poses all squished and squashed into shape. It can be brutal, yet remain really funny. We are particularly proud of our character animation work, and also the crowd simulations we needed to create to tell this story.

Stop motion animation has always been a great vehicle for humour, which is why it holds such a dear place in our hearts. Now with technical leaps forward in rendering we can bring classic stop motion looks to life through high-end, digital character animation.

At the start of the project we take a moment to ask what’s most important to achieve. In this case, we said it was the look and also our main ladies journey - from appearing weak and getting burnt at the beginning, to the crowd cheering for her at the end. We hope we got you cheering too!

A Mighty Crew with Nice Talent

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…

Animation Production: Mighty Nice


Mighty Nice

Executive Creative Director

Darren Price

Executive Producer

Tina Braham


Chloe Marshall

Production Assistant

Kirsten Bassil

Head of Studio

Ben Seager

Story Lead

Gary Fouchy


Jarrod Prince, Alea Trinajstic


Courtney Page, Bonnie Forsyth

Animation Lead

Duncan MacLaren


Rhys Davey, Jad El-Khoury


Tessa Eden

Assets Lead

Mike Lomas


Billy Harrison, Trent Rogan


Billy Harrison, Trent Rogan

FX Lead

Ben Seager

Compositing Lead

Gary Fouchy


Mike Lomas

Production: Nexus Studios

Executive Producer

Anthony Austin

Head of Production

Rachel Moss

Sound: Electric Sheep Music

Sound Engineer

Georgia Collins


Glenn Sarangapany

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