Landcare : Landcare Is For Everyone

“I had a few tears this morning watching the movie, I am so proud of what your team have created for us. It is exquisite and emotional.”


We are all over the place in this movie for Landcare! The outback, the ocean, the mountains, the city. We knew from the beginning it was going to be a challenge to get across the diversity and sheer size of Australia. We needed to show a CU of a farmer sweating, but also a birds eye view of the land at large. This helped lead our graphic style. Simple wooden objects representing bushes and trees, and  characters also made as though they are wooden toys. When the camera pulls up through the clouds, up and above the landscape, this simple design still works.

In close, the characters faces have a nice wooden texture and the 2D animation of their expressions adds charm and appeal to the look.


The brief for this project was to both celebrate and also demonstrate just how wide reaching  the Landcare movement is.  Whether you live in a city or a one pub town, on the beach or on a station, in the Top End or the Island State, LIFE is designed to give you ideas on what you can do or how you can join others in caring for the land and our environment.

The song “Stand Right Up” by Melbourne band, The King Cannons really helped lead the pace and flow of the animation.

Landcare is for everyone


The hand-crafted wooden-toy feel of Landcare requires a lot of background finessing to really capture the simple style. Using Jason’s beautiful designs and drawings as a starting point, the team perfected the right level of woodgrain and matte lighting.

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Producer
    Fi Patterson
  • Concept Artist/Storyboards
    Jason Pamment
  • Line Producer
    Hannah Murdoch
  • 3D Animation
    Mike Singca, Billy Dao
  • Rigging
    Maarten Beldman
  • Lighting TD
    Wayne Osborne
  • Modelling, Lighting/Rendering
    Greg Petchkovsky, Tristan Lock
  • Lighting/Rendering
    Lyle Carroll, Denis Bouyer
  • Modelling
    Gemma Cuneo