Who said you have to be good to be a good person?

This is Marmalade. She is the star of our show. According to most adults, she is in fact the worst girl in the world.

Marmalade’s obnoxious parents – and most adults she meets – think she is a complete terror. Only her friends; Rufus the Donkey, Dawg her tiny dog; and the audience know better.

Surrounded by adults who are really bad at being good, Marmalade Atkins has decided she’s gonna be really good at being bad.


Marmalade’s cashed-up, obnoxious parents are lazily outsourcing all parental duties to a scheming, greedy Life Coach, Mrs Allgood.

Mrs Allgood makes Marmalade partake in new and ridiculous alternative therapies and ‘quick fixes’, the majority of which she creates herself and have absolutely no substance. From ‘Day Reversal Therapy’, where one must treat night as day and day as night, to ‘Clarity Through Climbing’, where one must scale that which shouldn’t be scaled.

Marmalade always eventually turns the setup into a chaotic mess – whether by accident or just simply for fun. If the shoe doesn’t fit, this tiny yet fiery bundle of high energy will burn it!

Accompanied by her bestie Rufus the talking donkey, and Dawg the small in size but not in personality dog that lives in her huge head of hair, daily life for Marmalade Atkins is an action packed adventure where she doesn’t follow the rules, she makes them.

Each and every hilariously bizarre episode we see Marmalade enter a new set-up especially designed to ‘fix her’.


We will shoot live action as background plates, and add animation into & over these scenes.

All the characters would be animated in 2D, but interact with the live action plates. Good recent examples of this technique is ‘Son of Zorn’, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ and the Gorillaz music videos.

Real world lighting from the live shoot affects the 2D characters, and in turn the characters cast shadows into the real world.

Mighty Nice want to inspire a whole new generation of mini-punk rebels.

· 26 episodes
· 11 minute
· cliffhanger endings
· target age range : 8–12 year olds
· target: boys and girls
· international distribution

supported by:
– web portal encouraging creativity & expression
– trans-media opportunities in apps and games
– fashion merchandising: she’s a fashion icon!

  • Development Director
    Darren Price
  • Development Art Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Mighty Development Team
    Michele Massagli
    Dan Mansour
    Bonnie Forsyth
    Ariel Ries
    Kallie Ennever
    Tina Braham
    Di Angelius