One Talk at a time

for BMF

and The Attorney-General’s Department

One Talk at a time

for BMF
and  The Attorney-General’s Department

“ Every time we talk, we break that wall and fill that ‘space’ with support, taking power away from perpetrators and help prevent child sexual abuse for every child.”

Christina Aventi

Chief Strategy Officer at BMF

Finding a safe
space to talk

This National Child Safety campaign for The Australian Government calls for a collective effort to prevent child sexual abuse by helping adults understand that the risk of the unthinkable can be reduced, one talk at a time.

Our brief was to bring the safe spaces these important conversations take place in to life with a gentle strength and authentic personality. This project was another important National campaign with our good friends at BMF.

The live action was expertly directed by AJ Greenwood from Finch and then the animated sequences were directed in unique story-driven styles by Mighty Nice directors Bonnie Taylor Forsyth, Mike Lomas and guest director, Will Pietsch.

Easing into difficult
conversations using animation

A key creative element to this campaign is showing the transformation that connection brings, so we teamed up with our friends at Finch to direct the live action scenarios which then transform into unique animated worlds as the characters connect.

“I love the idea of seeing crossover between worlds. It’s a way to introduce the animation without an abrupt switch, which speaks to the easing into difficult conversations so that they become easier.”
– Mike Lomas , Animation Director

It also drew on experience we have had with other recent PSA campaigns, where animation was used to shine a light on hidden stories.

The 60″ film combines all three animated styles, and also various cast and locations for the live action. Visually we created a colour palette based on the live action, that unifies all the animation styles.

We used light as the visual depiction of conversation and connection. Our mother and daughter’s talk pushes back the vines and allows them to step out into the dappled light. The gamers scene lights up and is filled with warmth as they talk. And the lamplight between gran and grandaughter spreads to push back the intruding shadow from the doorway as they connect.

This project was a balance of craft and restraint – so that the medium enriches but never overwhelms the important underlying message. It was a privilege to lead this national campaign and show that a world that’s safe for our kids from child sexual abuse, can be created together, one preventative talk at a time.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


The Attorney-General’s Department

Executive creative Director

Darren Price

Executive Producer

Tina Braham


Jane Reynolds

Production Assistant

Kirsten Bassil

Animation Directors

Bonnie Taylor Forsyth, Mike Lomas, Will Pietsch

Head of Studio

Ben Seager

Pitch Artist

Softly Dunstan


Jason Pamment, João Lavieri, Bonnie Taylor Forsyth


Bonnie Taylor Forsyth, Jason Pamment, Will Pietsch


Alex Dray, Sara Litzenberger, Darcy Woodbridge, Helen Bucknall, Alea Trinajstic, Bonnie Taylor Forsyth

3D Assets + Lighting

Billy Harrison, Trent Rogan, Tess Eden


Gary Fouchy, Chris Angelius, Pete Nizic, Mike Lomas

Chief creative officer

Alex Derwin

Creative Director

Tom Hoskins

Associate CD / Art Director

Leila Cranswick

Head of TV

Jenny Lee-Archer

Agency Producer

Claire Seffrin


AJ Greenwood


Bryce Lintern

Music & Sound Production

Rumble Studios