A story of help

for NRMA

and The Monkeys

A story of help

for  NRMA
and  The Monkeys

NRMA’s ‘Help is Who We Are’  brand positioning aims to highlight the everyday Australian heroes who go out of their way to help. This story of help is delivered by Mark Bresicano himself in a casual, natural way. He states what happened without embellishment, but with a lot of heart.


Executive Creative Director

A story within

NRMA Insurance tells ‘A Story of Help’  by reminiscing on a soccer match where Socceroos star Mark Bresciano tied up the shoelace of a mascot on crutches. The one minute ad features Bresciano explaining how he “did what any other dad would do” and helped tie up the shoelace of a mascot on crutches once the national anthem had been sung on the field.

We wanted our artwork to represent this same vibe. Textures, brush strokes and a reduced colour palette keep a loose, casual feel to the imagery. Smooth transitions and flowing imagery roll the story along effortlessly. Alex Grigg’s minimal design style is perfect for this kind of film – like editorial illustrations brought to life.

Each shot of the film was designed as a style frame. More than 20 beautiful illustrations kicking off the process.

Freaks on the team!

The challenge as we moved to next stages was to maintain that initial flair of the concept art as we animated the drawings frame by frame and rebuild as animation. We created a lot of libraries of animated textures, and used a lot of hand-drawn techniques to recreate the look in motion. The animators and compositors really got behind the project and created something great in this Australian story.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Alex Grigg


Darren Price


Michael Chen
Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
Duncan MacLaren
Tessa Eden


John Grist
Federico Martinez


Jeremy Howdin


Kim Wildenburg


Tina Braham
Diana Angelius

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