Paul Dempsey : Bats

“Mighty Nice brought so much to the table and their ideas and expertise really made the clip what it is. We’re crazy particular about our images being changed or edited – but we were particularly thrilled with what they did with the texture animations in the figures, adding lighting and character animation.”



Based upon artwork from his albums, singles and posters, this music video for Paul Dempsey conjures up parallel universes, and stunning imagery. Another great team-up for Mighty Nice with the talented illustration duo, “We Buy Your Kids”

Inspiration for the style of the clip was taken from various science fiction illustrators such as Bob Pepper and David Pelham, as well as the covers from 1960s / 70s Penguin sci-fi books. Also very inspiring was of course the music, and the natural flow-on of ideas from listening to the album.


We love working with WBYK, the talent these guys have is seriously contagious – they make us look good! Darren and Biddy used to publish an independent ‘zine together back in their Uni days, along with The Explainers’ Matt Taylor.

Nobody’s ever gonna break your heart again…

  • Director
    We Buy Your Kids
  • Artist
    Paul Dempsey
  • Producer
    Claire Downie
  • 3D
    Stefan Wernik
    Alison Bond
    Alex McLeod
  • Compositing
    Pete Nizic
    Toby Pedersen
    Olivia Watson

Working with WBYK’s fully developed designs is an animator’s dream. The care, craft and attention to detail in each scene design was exquisite.