PayPal – Large Enterprise Brand Video

We always aimed to have scenes that are beautifully designed, yet minimal. Simply animated to enhance the voiceover and communicate the ideas. They are interspersed with live action transitions to keep it interesting – as do our camera moves. We often change axis and speed of motion to maintain the viewers attention eg. around “manage risk and respond to the unexpected”.

We aim to lift our graphics off the board and wrap around our brainstorming team in live action. Using some 3D animation, and careful tracking of the live action and a lot of rotoscoping, we are able to integrate a brand language in with a more human element.

And finally we escalate the  whole film for a beautiful abstracted ending with colour explosions and energy as we reach “infinite possibilities”.


This spot for PayPal was made to introduce and educate large enterprise about the breadth and value of PayPal solutions.

The story begins with a bang. An explosion of graphics that goes beyond the PayPal button.


PayPal is a major international tech giant. This film was directed by Darren Price, and with a live shoot in Hobart with an entirely local Tasmanian film crew and talent. Animation took place in our studio in Sydney, and production was with our Nexus team in LA and also Sydney. A truly international project!

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Chloe Marshall
  • Storyboards
    Darcy Woodbridge, Max Wanniaratchy
  • 3D Previs
    Ben Seager, Duncan McLaren
  • Designs
    Ameesha Lee
  • Motion Graphics
    Max Wanniaratchy, Pete Nizic
  • Motion Graphics Animation
    Jamie Hoy, Christian Morales, Dan Stein, Matt Tilman Chris Angelius
  • Casting
  • Production Company
    Hype TV
  • Production Company
    Nexus Studios