‘Bounce’ – QBE

One of the exciting parts of ‘Bounce’ was creating designs for entire sporting teams and a range of stadiums. These drawings show a handful of the new characters and environments created for QBE Bounce.


You never know which way life will bounce! Fortunately QBE has you covered. It was a real treat bringing the chaos of an AFL game to the QBE world with this sport inspired spot. We see some old favourite characters from previous spots, plus some new ones, as they cheer their favourite team on.


In ‘Bounce’ the little world of our QBE characters got much much bigger. To deal with this the team devised a new crowd system. The system was inspired by real diorama sets where crowds were created using hundreds of simplified shapes. We created small wooden toy shaped characters and animated them cheering and waving flags. Alex Grigg directed these spots and pushed his match fit team to deliver another win for QBE.