QBE : Call Me or Click!

“Mighty Nice have proven to be an amazing creative partner for Core and our client QBE Insurance. Their team goes all out to make every film  the best it can be. And then, just when you think it already looks amazing they continue to tweak and polish to take it to a whole new level.”


As with all of the QBE work, we have a lot of fun designing characters and worlds for them to live in. In this spot the team drew up dozens of new coworkers and environments before deciding on the final arrangement.


When Core came to us and explained they’d like to channel rock legends Blondie in the latest spot for QBE we jumped at the chance to dust off those old smoke machines and bad 80’s dance moves. We developed an office wide fantasy music video starring QBE call centre worker Penny and her back up dancing coworkers.

Call and Click


Stylistically Call Me is a departure from the previous commercials. It was an interesting challenge to see how far we could push the look and feel while still retaining a sense of unity with the rest of the campaign. Along the way it forced us to ask the question, “What would the 80’s have looked like in the QBE universe?”

While considering that question we crafted new lighting, colours and even characters to explore this bygone era. Lenses were Vasolined, hair was permed and star filters were applied. We then bookended the commercial with a nod to the considered geometric compositions of the previous commercials to tie the whole thing together.


  • Director
    Alex Grigg
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Creative Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Head of Production
    Gabrielle Joosten
  • Producer
    Jane Reynolds
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Storyboards
    Pete Yong
  • Design
    Alex Grigg
    Manddy Wyckens
  • Modelling & Surfacing
    Serge Astahov
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Nicole Padilha
  • Rigging
    Ludovic Habas
  • Layout
    Lucas Michaels
  • Animation
    Lucas Michaels
    Ben Hubbard
    Mike Singca
  • Lighting
    Serge Astahov
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Oliver Abbot
  • Senior Compositor
    Vincent E Sousa

80’s look and feel