QBE : Insurance Box

The team at Mighty Nice literally brings traffic to a halt with an unlikely combination of smouldering in-car selfies, and extremely responsible driving – affordable car insurance has never looked so sexy!


The brief to launch QBE’s new Insurance Box product presented us with a wonderful opportunity to expand the fun and quirky QBE world with more beautifully-crafted sets and new characters.


We were approached to design and craft a set a cast of characters for QBE, and to flesh out an expandable world through which an endless amount of insurance stories could be told. A classic narration-driven format was used to set up each story, preparing the viewer for another little sequence of shenanigans.

With the growth of the campaign, our family of characters and stories has grown into a charismatic quirky cast that has travelled nation-wide.


With a detailed lighting and texturing approach, we aimed to give the characters and environments a very tactile and physical quality. Combined with an exaggerated animation approach, and a world teeming with fun details, we developed a recognisable look for the QBE characters and their world, that can expand indefinitely as the campaign grows.

  • Director
    Robertino Zambrano
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Creative Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Executive Producer
    James Hudson
  • Producer
    Gabrielle Joosten
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Modelling and Surfacing
    Serge Astahov
    Tristan Lock
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Animation and Layout
    Balazs Meszaros
    Mike Singca
    Kate Kerrigan
  • Rigging
    Ludavic Habas
  • CG Lead
    Vincent E Sousa
  • Lighting/Rendering
    Wayne Osborne
  • Compositing Lead
    Dean Richichi
  • Compositing
    Matt Brunner
    Corin Sadlier
  • Design/Storyboard
    Jason Pamment