QBE : Motor

In “New for New” we’re lucky enough to get to destroy a man’s beloved car and help QBE replace it for him.


We loved crafting the ownable and unique look for the QBE story world. Using bold geometric forms as inspiration for our designs, we developed a set of stylised, quirky characters that could exhibit a tonne of charm when brought to life in animation.


The script called on Mighty Nice to craft a stylised mini-version of a distinctly Australian suburban environment- a sunny suburban vista, with cheerful birds and a lush miniature park. This piece was a great chance to continue to explore quirky little world we’re creating for QBE.


With a detailed lighting and texturing approach, we aimed to give the characters and environments a very tactile and physical quality. Combined with an exaggerated animation approach, and a world teeming with fun details, we developed a recognisable look for the QBE characters and their world, that can expand indefinitely as the campaign grows.