Reno 2 – Renos is Here

“We couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you so much, the end results are ABSOLUTELY wonderful.”


One film weird, another surprising, then funny, stupid and wonderful. Mighty Nice loved this brief from Mother and the freedom to make something that stands out in the vast digital landscape. These films were each created by a different animation director, and the artists individual graphic styles were matched to scripts that suited. This created an energetic and fun medley of short films that stand out for their unique playful vibe.


We were asked to create awareness for the arrival of Reno 2 with unexpected short films that revealed the “Reno2” typography within the animation in fun and interesting ways..

R e n o 2 i s c o m i n g


Greg Sharp created his film with his 2D stop motion style. Mike Chen dug deep for  anime style energy. Paul And Haein created graphic, illustrative 2D animation with a minimal colour palette and impeccable timing. Jarrod created a ‘Willow the Wisp’ esque forest vibe, whilst Robertino got hard boiled.

Each animation director applied their unique skills to this project, and used these films as an opportunity to extend their craft.

Director & Design : Jarrod Prince
Animation : Jarrod Prince, Andrew Onorato, Maeve Baker
Composite : Chris Angelius

Director & Design : Greg Sharp
Animation : Greg Sharp, Tamara Bogovac, Goran Rakić, Ivan Veličković

Director, Design & Animation : Robertino Zambrano

Director, Design & Animation : Michael Shiao Chen
Composite : Chris Angelius

Co-directors, Design & Animation : Paul Rhodes and Haein Kim

Production : Tina Braham, Diana Angelius