Rhinocort and JWT needed a character with style and attitude. We developed an illustrative style that could swagger with street cred, offer strong brand recognition  through colours, and enough texture to the cat fur and pollen to catch the attention of allergy sufferers.

Mighty Nice thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Marie Thorhauge on the design and evolution of the Rhino character.

Marie is an Emmy-winning Danish designer specialising in character design and visual development. Her work has a sophisticated nordic edge characterised by clean graphic shapes, and organic textures.

Award-winning Character Designer


Rhino is our hero and a delivers his lines perfectly with a New York wiseguy accent.  He is such a smooth mover – totally unflappable and rolls with the punches knowing he has Rhinocort up his sleeve.

Rhino has an unwaveringly positive attitude, always a smile on his lips and a few snappy quips at the ready that he delivers with a New York wiseguy accent.

He has no patience for time-wasters and tyre-kickers. His tough wiseguy street talk cuts through the hogwash. And you trust him. You know he wouldn’t rat you out and he’s always got your back.

Mighty Nice delivered authentic acting, a wide range of expressions, and sharp charismatic delivery of lines – all key in giving these spots extra standout.

Hey! Tough guy!


The main performance of Rhino is animated in 2D, drawn frame by frame using traditional methods.

This includes his main body shapes, facial expressions and colours. We then had a few stages of detailing, where we added light and shadow, textures and little bits of linework in comping stage.

Special FX for fur floating in the air, a tsunami of cats, and pollen from flowers were generated digitally. The tsunami of cats has hand drawn elements but uses CG tricks to multiply appearances.

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Design
    Marie Thorhauge, Bonnie Forsyth, Softly Dunstan
  • Art Direction
    Softly Dunstan
  • Assistant Director
    Simon Robson
  • Storyboard
    Bonnie Forsyth
  • Model/Surface
    Trent Rogan
  • Animation
    Bonnie Forsyth, Bryce Pemberton, Aaron McDonald, Andrew Onorato
  • Composite
    John Grist, Supriya Bhonsle
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Senior Producer
    Tina Braham
  • Junior Producer
    Diana Angelius